Are Roller Blinds Suitable For My Home?

Roller blinds are made up of one piece of material, quite literally rolled into itself. They are a popular addition to many homes due to their simplicity and aesthetic. So, are they suitable for your home?

This type of blind is suitable for any building, and it can be recommended for every room in a house. As they are easy to operate and come in many materials, colours, and designs, you are bound to find one that is perfect for your windows.

What’s more, this style can be available in blackout. This helps to completely block out light from the outside. Blackout window coverings are suitable for bedrooms so you can get an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

These shades are popular for a reason. As well as being versatile in design, they also have many more benefits. Because they fully cover a window, they offer optimal privacy for your home by completely blocking out the outside. They are also really simple to maintain and clean because they only consist of one bit of material, compared to their multi-slatted counterparts. This can easily be wiped down and dusted frequently. As previously mentioned, they are simple to draw up and down as well. Roller blinds can also be available with electric opening options, making it even more convenient to rise and shine each morning.

quarter way down roller blind

Are Roller Blinds Expensive?

Compared to other styles, this type of shade can be more affordable in comparison. The price can be variable when different materials are considered, but generally, they may be less expensive than other options. This could be down to the simplicity of the design.

roller blind

Should They Be Fitted Inside Or Outside The Recess?

This is completely down to preference as there are benefits to each. If you fit them outside the recess, it’s more likely to cover any light leakage that could occur. If you fit them inside the recess, you get the option to hang curtains as well. At Twyford, we offer made-to-fit blinds that streamline your windows and fit neatly on top of them.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Roller Blinds

If you like the sound of this style, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Our friendly team offer free consultations where we can show you what we have to offer. The expert fitting team will then fit your new roller blinds efficiently, so you can enjoy the style, privacy and simplicity of roller blinds.

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